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Логотип бюро переводов Rustranslators

Our team

Rustranslators team consists of certified business and legal translators and editors based across the globe enabling us to provide service 24/7 and meet the most aggressive deadlines.  Our translators are based in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Canada, USA, and France, to name a few. 

All our translators hold professional degrees in linguistics and have experience of 10 years and more in their respective areas of expertise.  All employees and contractors have been trained on confidentiality and signed an NDA, so your information is safe with us.


The idea of founding a translation service arose from founders' personal experience with translators. Often, after receiving a translated piece, we wasted hours on editing and proofreading. Many who have used translation services might know some of the common concerns of such an enterprise:

  • Translators might lack knowledge of subject-specific terminology

  • Translating from Russian to English poses unique challenges

  • Within one project involving many documents or multiple translators, there may be inconsistency in terminology, style, and language.

We have selected and trained every translator so that our customers can be certain that they will not need to waste time proofreading and editing our translations. Attorneys, consultants, bankers, and other professionals will appreciate the quality of our work, and the time we will save them by delivering materials that need no further review and proofreading.


Rest assured, you will not need to revise our translations!

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